Sunday, September 30, 2007

obama= the beast ??

A simple word play on this phonetically ironic name will generate Barack=Iraq, Hussein=Saddam (Hussein), Obama=Osama (Bin Laden).

Obama claims to be a Protestant Christian (The United Church of Christ).

Many websites are already beginning to question if Barack Hussein Obama is indeed the supposedly coming “false Messiah”, id est, The Antichrist. Indeed, according to (the parent of the Yahoo search engine) Barack Obama is the 2nd most popular search incorporating the keyword “antichrist”. In fact, if you perform a Yahoo search for “antichrist”, the alternative suggestions are “Also try: barack obama antichrist, tony blair antichrist, maitreya antichrist” with Obama's name being the first alternative. Google claims well over 100,000 web pages connecting Barack Obama and Antichrist.

With all of these coincidences, it does make one wonder, is this man really a secret Muslim Manchurian candidate, and if so, is he dedicated to the Jihad declaring Death to all Whites? Recently, Australian Prime Minister John Howard expressed concern when he said, “If I were running al Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008, and pray, as many times as possible, for a victory not only for Obama, but also for the Democrats” in response to Obama's ill-conceived binding legislation introduced in the Senate, seeking withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq by March 31, 2008.

Obama himself expressed that the first Black Presidential win, would transform the nation, suggesting that an impulsive Black President could detrimentally impart a measure of political superiority upon Blacks — when he spoke before a Black crowd gathered at the National Urban League convention in St. Louis, saying “The day I'm inaugurated, the country looks at itself differently. Don't underestimate that power. Don't underestimate the transformation.” This would-be-first Black President also said, “We have more work to do when more young black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across America” seemingly without any real understanding as to the very cause, nor comprehending the requirements for mitigating the consequences of this fact — the basis of which has been determined as a natural genetic predisposition toward lower intelligence in Blacks. In light of all this, one must now consider the very real possibility, that even further leniency toward Blacks would thoughtlessly be granted by newly appointed judges; meaning even less imprisonment for predominantly violent Black criminals, should Obama achieve his goal, and actually win the White House.

Many people assume the name “Barack Hussein Obama” to be that of purely African origin, and indeed the name “Obama” is just that — however his first name came directly from the Holy Qur'an, where the word “Barack” means “blessed”. It is without much doubt that everyone on earth now realizes that “Hussein” is a Muslim name, one which originated from Hussein bin Ali, who was the Sharif of Mecca, Emir of Mecca, King of Hejaz, and Caliph of all Muslims. So one needs to ask themself, will Barack Hussein Obama be yet another Black Muslim, this time sworn into our nation's highest office, using the Holy Qur'an? Does he seem to fit the middle-eastern-looking profile which has been suggested by many theologians, as being that of The Antichrist? Why has he downplayed his attendance at a “predominantly Muslim school” (Saudi-funded Madrassa) in Jakarta Indonesia?

The other night before going to bed, I saw on CNN, radical Black Muslims in Europe standing in front of a Catholic church, calling for the death of the Pope. They were dressed very similar to the Muslims you see killing Americans in Iraq (faces covered with cloth; with only their eyes showing). Their message was succinct, “The Prophet Mohammed has come to slaughter all of you. We are Muslims, we drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere. This is Islam. This is jihad.” A quote of the message shouted by bullhorn from masked Black men in front of a Catholic church. Keep in mind, if a White European was to shout even the most benign comments against Muslims or the Prophet Mohammed in front of a Mosque, he would quickly be arrested and charged with “inciting racial hatred”, a charge seemingly applicable only to native European Whites. So why the double standard?

One needs to ask, why would White Europeans EVEN LET such vile non-White Muslims into their country, if all they want to do is commit crimes against Whites and commit acts of racial violence? Have White people the world over, collectively lost their minds? What was life like before “multiculturalism” and is it really so much better now?

Minority Race is apparently so important in American politics these days, that it has ultimately propelled this Black Chicago politician, a freshman senator, less than two years removed from the corruption plagued Illinois state senate, into the limelight of the upcoming 2008 U.S. Presidential election.

Yet we still aren't supposed to engage in any real, genuine, or honest public debates regarding the realities of race.

I will freely admit that I am wholly unimpressed with, and do not endorse any Democratic presidential candidates. So let me note that Senator Barack Obama (Democrat, Illinois) strikes me as essentially a no-more-or-less typical Democratic candidate for President, similar to any of the other potentials, past or present, including my very own irrelevant governor, Tom Vilesack from Iowa. Vilesack has since withdrawn from the race due to a lack of support, although some might point to the many scandals and economic failures in Iowa during his tenure as a cause; such as the CIETC Scandal (Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium) which coincidentally happened to unfold while Vilesack was campaigning in New Hampshire. Scandals of other candidates notwithstanding, I do believe that I might be able to play an educational role here, by actually mentioning some of the quite unmentionable reasons behind “Obama-mania”.

Obama is often being compared by the media to Tiger Woods, however he bears a striking difference from Woods in two rather significant ways. First, his list of accomplishments within his chosen profession is vastly smaller, and second, Woods rejected Nike's assertion that he should identify himself as Black (in order to maximize his marketability in North America). Woods rejected this notion because he did not want to offend and alienate his mother and all of his other non-Negro ancestors.

In contrast, like Oscar winning Halle Berry, Obama identifies only as Black, tho that requires a somewhat symbolic disowning of his White mother and maternal grandparents — despite the fact that they did far more for him than his drunken abusive polygamous African father (who, like most Black fathers, abandoned him when he was age two, later dying in a one-car drunk driving accident in Kenya when Obama was age 21). In a New York Magazine article, Obama comments, “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.” This seems to me to be rather self-sacrificial, but oddly enough, this statement apparently hasn't hurt his popularity amongst Whites one bit! Interestingly, in what appears to be a rather coincidental theological parallel, throughout all of his life, Jesus would often ridicule, scold, and even disowned his mother at the age of twelve (Luke 2:49, John 2:4). Although this may merely be yet another coincidence, but isn't The Antichrist prophesied to have many parallels in common with Jesus? Also, what audience reactions have you observed when Obama speaks, and how is this entranced captivation similar to what was foretold by end-times prophecy?

Regardless of all this circumstantial evidence, the brutal truth remains that Obama is an Uncle Tom. He is a remarkably exotic variety of “faux American Negro”, and is essentially what is termed “an Oreo”. He has absolutely no ancestors who were ever slaves in the U.S., moreover, his upbringing by his White mother and Muslim stepfather in Indonesia — and at age 10+ by his White grandparents in Hawaii (an area where mixed-race children are essentially commonplace) has almost wholly divorced him from any semblance of an “African-American” heritage, except of course for what he could see and possibly assimilate from watching TV.

Even genetically, Obama; whose East African descent is apparent by his above-Black-median intelligence, generally non-aggressive, nonviolent nature, as well as his unusual facial features — has only a very distant relationship to West Africans, who are the predominant ancestors of American Blacks. But differences such as these just seem to make this nominal “African-American” all that much more endearing to Whites. So why are so many Whites, especially those in the media, so passionate about promoting this man for President in 2008?

Obama-mania appears to be quite similar to the Colin Powell craze of 1995. Of course, Powell had far better qualifications. He had been intimately involved in managing a successful international campaign, the Gulf War of 1991. He had also articulated a thoughtful, cautious policy for when and how to conduct military operations, the Powell Doctrine, a journalist created neologism, based in large part on the Weinberger Doctrine, the wisdom of which our current situation in Iraq has only served to underline. Supporting Obama for President, like supporting Powell a decade ago, is seen by many Whites as the ultimate in White Guilt absolution!

It is important to understand however, that White Guilt is quite different from, for example, Catholic Guilt — which consists of a very straightforward feeling of spiritual, personal and of course, moral failure.

By comparison, I don't think I've ever met even ONE White who personally felt any real guilt for the inability of Blacks, some 140+ years after slavery had ended, to fit and function within American society. But I HAVE known many Whites, who choose to loudly and unfairly blame Racial Realist Whites for the many obvious Black failures.

Some Whites choose to heap guilt upon their own ancestors, but many who publicly proclaim both the existence and reality of White Guilt, aren't at all averse to noting that their own forefathers arrived at Ellis Island long after slavery was over, thus absolving themselves forever of any inherited shame.

In other words, White Guilt is just another power ploy in the great American White status struggle. Negroes have become nothing more than mere pawns, used by some Whites in asserting a higher level of moral superiority over all other Whites.

Also, finding and punishing “guilty” Whites seems to have become almost a national obsession. One notorious example from current events is the framing of the White Duke University lacrosse players by Durham district attorney Mike Nifong (with the enthusiastic assistance of the Jew York Times) in their endless hunt for what Tom Wolfe, author of Bonfire of the Vanities calls “the Great White Defendant”. It appears that many Whites want to be able to say, “I'm not a hater, I'm not one of those bad Whites — l voted for a Black guy for President!”

I also suspect that there is an even more insidious reason many Whites wish Obama becomes selected for President — they hope that when Blacks finally move into and take over the White House, it will prove to ALL American Negroes, once and for all, that White animus isn't the root cause of all their troubles. They hope that it will show, once and for all, that all Blacks need to do is to live and behave just like “President Obama”, and all their problems will disappear as well!

It's quite a seductive vision, don't you think? It plays right into our national delusion — that race is only skin deep, that race is “all in our minds”, and that the solution for all racial conflict is to simply become color blind.

Of course, selecting Obama for President won't actually have any real effect upon typical Black behavior, just as electing Tom Bradley as Black mayor of Los Angeles for five terms in a row from 1973-1993, prevented the thousands of Black rioters from looting and burning down much of that city's commercial district in 1992. Another example could also be drawn from the more recent Black riots in Toledo Ohio, where electing a Black mayor, Jack Ford, had little effect in preventing the Black riots of October 15, 2005, which left many White and Asian-owned, North Toledo businesses, looted and in flames.

Since the Civil Rights Act was first enacted on July 2nd, 1964 — legislation which for the first time in our nation's history outlawed segregation in the United States, there have been at least 47 Black riots in the U.S. — far more Black civil unrest during the post-segregation period, than in any earlier period in history! Obama even cites such cases in a speech before Blacks at a meeting of the Hampton University Ministers' Conference where he claims “quiet riots that take place every day are born from the same place as the fires and the destruction and the police decked out in riot gear and the deaths” suggesting that Black frustration and resentment regarding their own genetically predisposed inability to fit and function within a healthy society, is again building toward yet another inevitable Black riot. Thus it has become immediately clear exactly why our forefathers and patriarchs enforced segregation between the races, and why they enacted the Jim Crow laws (separate but equal) — fairness laws which were put in place immediately following the ratification of the 14th amendment to abolish slavery.

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln publicly announced, “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.” Abraham Lincoln indeed may have believed that Blacks should enjoy the same freedom from bondage as Whites, but he also understood that freed Blacks, due to their incompatible genetic differences, should enjoy this new found freedom somewhere else, separated away from Whites. Lincoln was clearly not in favor of Blacks holding political office — especially not the same office which he held, the Presidency of the United States.

Lincoln even worked during the Civil War on a failed attempt to transport freed Blacks to colonies in the Caribbean, as he understood quite well, the great potential for miscegenation and of severe interracial conflict which would ensue if he did not! As a direct consequence of Lincoln's failure to colonize these freed Blacks outside of the United States, today we see both widespread miscegenation, as well as Black crime, violence and terror, just as was enumerated above. The numerous and violent post-segregation Black riots in the U.S. include, but are not limited to:

New York race riot, 1964, New York City, NY

Rochester race riot, 1964, Rochester, NY

Jersey City race riot, 1964, Jersey City, NJ

Paterson race riot, 1964, Paterson, NJ

Elizabeth race riot, 1964, Elizabeth, NJ

Columbia Avenue race riots, 1964, Philadelphia, PA

Chicago race riot (Dixmoor), 1964, Chicago, IL

Watts Riot, 1965, Los Angeles, CA

Hunter's Point Riot, 1966, San Francisco, CA

Hough Riots, 1966, Cleveland, OH

North Omaha riot, 1966, North Omaha, NE

Fire Hydrant Riots, 1966, Chicago, IL

Newark riots, 1967, Newark, NJ

Plainfield riots, 1967, Plainfield, NJ

Cambridge Riot, 1967, Cambridge, MD

12th Street Riot, 1967, Detroit, MI

Orangeburg riot, 1968, Orangeburg, SC

Washington DC riots, 1968, Washington, DC

Baltimore Riot, 1968, Baltimore, MD

Chicago riot, 1968, Chicago, IL

Kansas City riot, 1968, Kansas City, MO

Louisville riots, 1968, Louisville, KY

Glenville riot, 1968, Cleveland, OH

York Race Riot, 1969, York, PA

North 24th Street Riots, 1969, North Omaha, NE

Augusta Riot, 1970, Augusta, GA

Asbury Park Riots, 1970, Asbury Park, NJ

Black Muslim riot, 1971, Baton Rouge, LA

Livernois-Fenkell riot, 1975, Detroit, MI

New York City Blackout Riot, 1977, New York City, NY

Greensboro Riot, 1979, Greensboro, NC

Chattanooga Riot, 1980, Chattanooga, TN

Liberty City Riots, 1980, Miami, FL

Arthur McDuffie, 1980, Miami, FL

Washington Anti-Klan riot, 1982, Washington, DC

Overtown Riot, 1982, Miami, FL

Tampa Riot, 1987, Tampa, FL

Miami Riot, 1989, Miami, FL

Tampa Riot, 1989, Tampa, FL

Mount Pleasant riot, 1991, Washington, DC

Crown Heights Riot, 1991, Brooklyn, NY

Rodney King riot, 1992, Los Angeles, CA

St. Petersburg Riot, 1996, St. Petersburg, FL

Seattle Mardi Gras Riots, 2001, Seattle, WA

Cincinnati Riots, 2001, Cincinnati, OH

Benton Harbor Riot, 2003, Benton Harbor, MI

Toledo Riot, 2005, Toledo, OH

Deprecatory criticism aside, the unfortunate reality remains — there is no panacea for race! The roots of racial difference in America are fundamentally genetic, and these genetic differences stretch far back into the historical and prehistorical past of our respective peoples, spanning onto our separate and unique continents of evolutionary origin. No enacted laws nor spending measures can ever change these genetic differences. Symbolic gestures such as electing Black officials to high office simply don't have any demonstrable impact at all on these clearly genetically predetermined Black-White racial differences, nor upon the Black propensity for violence and crime.

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